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Jinaco web design and IT company provides professional services saving your valuable time and money.

IT Services for home & businesses

Almost every home and office has more than one electronic devices now thus requires IT Services. A house or an office have more than one computer, laptop and other electronic devices and usually connected to each other. It doesn’t matter if you do not have an IT professional at your home or office. Jinaco IT Services is here 24/7 and will help your devices to be connected and up and running.

IT Services

Mac & PC

Mac, PC, Tablet and Phone
Hardware and Software

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Wireless and Wired
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Wireless and Wired
Printers troubleshooting

Hardware: Repair and upgrades
You don't have to go anywhere if your laptop, PC, Mac, tablet or phone suddenly stopped working because of some hardware fault, or you just need to upgrade the hardware of your device. We provide hardware repair and upgrade service at your door step.
Our agents will come to you and troubleshoot your device and repair the device if necessary. We also provide compatible hardware for your device if you want to upgrade it. We can also replace a hardware component if it is out of order and not working anymore.
Software: Installation and Troubleshooting
If you don’t know how to install a software properly, or if a software is giving some error during installation we are always here for you in software installation and fixing the problems you are facing during the installation.
You don’t need to hesitate, just relax and give us call us and we will solve the issue remotely.
Network: Design and troubleshooting
Are you planning to install a wired or wireless network at your new office or home? We design the network, install it or troubleshoot your existing network.
If you have already installed the network at your home or office and it is experiencing some problems, we can help you identify and fix it. Our expert networking team will come to your place to troubleshoot and fix the problem and get you going again.
Cyber-Security: Virus and Malware

Cyber attacks, malware and viruses are always a threat to your computers and networks in this online world. We provide you state of the art cyber security for your home or office to protect you from all the online attacks, viruses and malware.

Also, you do not need to worry if your computers are already affected by virus, malware or a hacking attack. We will clean your computers if they are already affected by any kind of virus or malware without losing your data. Contact us to give you excellent online security.

Date Backup & Recovery
If you’ve lost your important data or deleted it by mistake we are here to recover your valuable data for you. We can recover almost all of your lost or deleted data in no time.
We also provide backup services for your data, so that you do not lose your important data again.
Remote Access
Our IT services are remotely accessible from anywhere. Wherever you are in the world, we will try to solve your issues remotely through a remote desktop connection.
Contact us for any kind of IT service you want, including all the software, hardware and network issues.

Jinaco provided an excellent IT support to my company. The IT guys had a wide range of knowledge and skills so that he was able to find out the root cause of the problem quickly and came with some good ideas and solutions. I highly recommend Jinaco IT services.


Director, Feritech

Jinaco Group Ltd