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Jinaco web design and IT company provides professional services saving your valuable time and money.

Jina IT Services

IT Support

Professional IT Support for Home and Small Businesses including but not limited to PC and MAC hardware and Software installation and troubleshooting, Wired and Wireless Networking, Printers, Virus Removal, Backup and data recovery and ….

Graphic & Web Design

Responsive Web Design and Development, Multilingual, CMS, e.Commerce, Multimedia and Graphic design, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, UX Design, Logo, Business card, Brochure & Flyer, Poster, Social Media, Calligraphy and much more.

SEO Consultancy

Organic search engine optimisation (SEO), Digital marketing, Landing page design and development, Keyword design, Google Analytics, Keywords research and analysis, Link building and Everything you need to elevate your business.

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